About Us


The beginning of our establishment... with the founder's passion in Marina & Waterfront Architecture which covers its marine lifestyles in cruising grounds while staying connected to the mainland waterfront cities. The founder believes by sustainable design and planned-out business of its marine tourism architectural development, the project would become a vital infrastructure hub for its water transit city development model.

Pangkor Marina was established by Marina Island Jetty Management Sdn Bhd as a separate entity to operate the Marina Facilities in Marina Island Pangkor in 2009 after completion of Marina Island Jetty Precinct. It was established in the manner to allow Marina Island Group to set a SOP system for Global Franchise system envisioned by the Group Founder, Mr Ding Ju Hang while Marina Sanctuary Resort Sdn Bhd (MSR) shall be focusing on Property Development and better tax planning for each company in the Group.

In the early days circa 2000 Master Plan by MSR, the Marina Facilities was originally intended for Club Marina Operatives. In 2005 , Mr Ding Ju Hang who specialises in Waterfront Architecture saw that the best model is to redesign and restructure the business plan into a Private Commercial Marina business model. This allowed better integration of customers' needs without the limitations sets by a Club Systems. Mr Ding Ju Hang designed everything to detail and had the Marina Pontoon System designed and manufactured locally by reducing the original RM38 million budget to RM7 million for MSR. The Design & Business Development has been agreed to grant Mr Ding Ju Hang's own vision to establish his own Marine Operative companies while assisting MSR to achieve its development goal completion.

The Marina was redesigned despite many challenges to allow ease of access, offering the latest marina facilities in the global market. The Marina does not need to have everything as much wide-ranging amenities can be distributed within Marina Island Pangkor to accommodate long-term and transient boaters as well as landlubbers. The marina is located on the bridged island of Marina Island Pangkor, an exclusive private island resort township in the tourism and maritime town of Lumut, Perak, Malaysia.

Pangkor Marina has 82 wet slips and 110 dry slips for boats up to 72 feet and 65 feet respectively. With the latest innovation in marine lifts, our KMI Sea-Lift can easily and rapidly launch or haul boats up to 65 feet or 45 tons including catamarans and sailboats without dismantling their masts. The company intends to emulate our Marina SOP systems sets between the Land Owner, Developer & other boating operatives agents to be established all over Asian waters supporting Sail Indonesia, Sail Malaysia & Sail Philippines.

As part of a multi-activity boating community, Pangkor Marina guests can enjoy various land and water recreations. A day out fishing at sea, a round of island hopping, snorkeling, diving, kayaking in Marina Island’s lagoon, jungle trekking in Pangkor’s tropical rainforest, sampling local cuisines or simply enjoy dining with a fantastic view of the sunset at the marina itself.

In 2009, Pangkor Marina Sdn Bhd was established by Marina Island Jetty Management Sdn Bhd to differentiate its Operations in Marina adopting the founder’s selected MIJM staffs as his new partner in Pangkor Marina Sdn Bhd. The Founder shall then refocus in setting up Cruise Terminal Operations company in 2011 and shall require Pangkor Marina Sdn Bhd management to be managed in a centralized manner while Directorship Management shall be done in a Decentralised Management manner. This method of managing the company shall prepare Pangkor Marina Sdn Bhd to be geared for global franchise system in years to come. The founder, using these specialisation companies shall be developing many seaports, marinas and private jetties in Malaysia and Asia in the future.


To provide excellent marina services to our clients with one stop solution with global integration.


To become the leading marina operator in the industry across Asia starting from Perak, Malaysia.

Our Values

  • Commitment to excellent marine engineering & service.

  • Continually improving own level of expertise everyday.

  • Responsible to take the consequences of one's actions.

  • Practice unity & attain worldwide marina networking.

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